Healthy Births Collaboratives

The Healthy Births Initiative supports Best Babies Collaboratives to increase capacity and coordinate services in their communities, enabling them to provide comprehensive, integrated, continuous care.

Best Babies Collaboratives use the Core Approaches, made up of evidence-based and community-proven interventions, to create service plans designed to reduce health disparities and improve pregnancy and birth outcomes within their communities.

Best Babies Collaboratives:

  • Expand capacity to provide, coordinate and enhance services and resources within targeted communities.
  • Consist of agencies, organizations, and associations that implement the Healthy Births Initiative Core Approaches to improve birth and pregnancy outcomes, strengthen community support for pregnant women and families, and increase their ability to care for newborns.
  • Work with the Healthy Births Learning Collaboratives, LA Best Babies Network and other Best Babies Collaboratives to share learning, demonstrate measurable progress, and mobilize for action.
  • Work in collaboration with others in the understanding that no one agency, organization or individual can single-handedly undertake the comprehensive, integrated, multi-level approach required to improve pregnancy and birth outcomes in a community.

National studies demonstrates that by working together, communities can improve their pregnancy outcomes. By increasing healthy pregnancies, collaboration will lead to healthier births, families, and communities in LA County.